Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, November 1,2012


Joule, coworking office space, unveils a new program that matches microbusiness owners with the skills of job seeking business professionals. The goal of this new initiative is to form mutually beneficial business relationships.

“This is a win-win-win situation for the member business owner, the job seeker, and for Joule.

The microbusiness owner receives consultative services, the job seeker (consultant) keeps their skills sharp and receives the vital networking opportunities needed to find their next career position. Joule benefits by offering our member base help, to grow their business,” says Jackie Menne, owner of the Minneapolis, MN based Joule.

“The idea of putting these resources together developed out of discussions at networking events that were hosted at Joule. We had several job seekers offer their services in exchange for the opportunity to regularly work and network with a variety of business people. We currently have three job seekers with backgrounds in product marketing and marketing management in this pilot program at Joule. Our plan is to expand this collaborative Return To Work program into other business disciplines,” says Menne.

According to 2009 research, released in 2012, 91.8% of all business in the U.S., have five or less employees. This statistic illustrates the substantial presence of todays’ smaller, small businesses (microbusinesses,) and the opportunity to address their needs.“Since Joule members are microbusiness owners, we are excited to offer this unique, value-added consulting service for our members. I am also very pleased that we are able to help those currently in the job search market,” adds Menne.

For more information about the Program please visit: Joule Return To Work or send email to:

About Joule Joule (pronounced jewel) is a woman owned, member-based, coworking, office and meeting space business. With over 4,000 square feet of full-featured collaborative work space for people who have a home office, but need an alternate place to work and meet. Members include: entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, telecommuters, sales people, independent professionals, start-ups and other small business owners who need a place to work, meet, socialize, and network in a professional, yet relaxed setting.

For more information about Joule call: 651-492-8761 or email:

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