About Joule

Whether you blogtweetlike or link -— if you work at home you have a lifestyle that’s fast becoming the norm for most startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers and independents. A lifestyle that includes isolation, lack of support and new business challenges that are well beyond the remedy of traditional online social networking.

Overcoming these obstacles is the purpose of Joule and passion for longtime creative and marketing consultant Jackie Menne, President of Synergy and poster child for the work at home lifestyle.

Initially her vision was a collaborative business venue for Twin Cities creative and marketing talent. What she’s found is that the lifestyle is now mainstream for a wide range of professionals including Joule’s attorney who was the first to join, followed closely by their insurance provider. Even large companies appear to be interested in the concept for touchdown space. “With a laptop and cell phone you can pretty much work from anywhere, and most of us have, although it’s usually not a sunny beach like on tv.” she says. “More often it’s at crowded, noisy coffee shops or in our cars between meetings parked outside wifi spots.” She wanted options but couldn’t find any, so she founded Joule, a “power strip” where members plug in for a variety of reasons.

Located just one block off 35W on Washington Avenue South with loads of convenient parking, Joule’s 4,000 sq. ft. suite offers several distinct venues— cafe with news monitor for casual conversation or small group presentations, club lounge with sofas and fireplace for socializing or coworking, armchairs for one to one discussions or working in peace and several tranquil spaces for meetings with colleagues and clients. There’s also an atrium style conference room just down the hall and an outdoor rooftop deck with grill that has an amazing view of the city.

Is non virtual social networking the next big thing? It certainly makes sense for today’s non-employee business owner who’s ready to make a connection.

Joule is located at 1200 South Washington Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55415.

For more information contact:
Jackie Menne


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